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Teaching process

The curriculum for General Medicine, Stomatology and Pharmacy are righteously extensive and updated. Each subject begins with the introduction and also focuses on the historical section. In studying the disease emphasis is laid on epidemiology, etiology, pathogenesis, pathological physiology, pathological morphology, clinical picture, methods of laboratory and instrumental examination of a patient, diagnoses, differential diagnoses, complication, prognosis, treatment and prevention.

Latin terms are given according to the International Nomenclature of different specialties, as well as by clinical subjects in conformity with the International Classification of Diseases and Causes of Death.

During the period of training students are taught special subjects: in succession they learn theoretical (years One, Two and Three) and clinical fundamentals (years Three, Four, Five and Six) and acquire necessary practical skills. Every stage of training builds a foundation to climb up to the next Level. The teaching process includes 360 degree approach, beginning with lectures proceeded by laboratory and practical work at hospitals along with in depth examination of patients, clinical duties etc.

Along with meticulous teaching equal emphasis is laid on colloquial, tests, quizzes, examinations, State examinations, Final Interdisciplinary Test. Oral answers, laboratory and written works, MCQ-tests, recording of case histories also form the part of day to day activity.

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