Academic Schedule
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Academic schedule

Academic year

The academic year begins from the 1st of September (For Preparatory Faculty – on the 1st of October).


The academic year comprises of two semesters starting from September to January and from February to June.

Exams and tests
  • The first semester exams are usually held in January.
  • The number of tests and examinations to be taken during every academic year is strictly formulated by the head of the University.
  • The student’s performance on the test is evaluated as “passed” or “failed” and at the examinations as “excellent”, “good”, “satisfactory”, and “unsatisfactory”.
  • The second semester exams are held in June.

Students enjoy vacations twice a year

  • The summer vacation begins from 3rd of July till 31st of August
  • The winter vacations from the 15th of January to the 7th of February.

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