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Russian State Medical University (the earstwhile Second Moscow State Medical Institute) is one of the most prominent, respected and the oldest Russian medical schools in the country. The University was founded in the year 1906. Since its glorious inception RSMU has been a pioneer and an inventive leader in multi dimensionally disseminating medical science and medical education to its discerning and prospective aspirants.

The University has a exceedingly huge medical, scientific, research and educational center credited for its extensive clinical and laboratory base and a team of mind inspiring teaching staff. The premises cover a total area of 1,119 thousand square meters which also includes the students’ township “Medik”, located near the study buildings. It consists of four hotel-type buildings with a dining hall (total area – 42000 sq. m.).

The University has access to more than 70 specialized clinics, hospitals and other institutions of preventive and clinical medicine with more than 19,000 beds. Medical students get extensive clinical training under the supervision of experienced clinicians. The Staff includes over 30 academicians and corresponding members of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, and Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, 24 State Prize-Winners and 8 merited scientists of Russian Federation. In 1997 the University opened a new English language Department of the Medical faculty to provide students with an opportunity to avoid one-year study at preparatory courses.

The University also has an extensive international influence in the field of education, medical science, health care and economic activities. The diplomats of RSMU are recognized in many countries all over the world.

Annually about 7000 students from Russia and foreign countries study at this University.

The University has three major faculties :

  • The Medical Faculty which was founded in 1906. During its golden past 94-years the Medical Faculty has made many a changes in the contents of curriculum and has altogether transformed the teaching trends through highly qualified training and academic disciplines of medicine.
  • The Pediatric Faculty of the University was founded in 1930. It is one of the first pediatric faculties in the world.
  • The Bio-Medical Faculty was founded in 1963, the year that saw rapid developments in the field of molecular biology. Man’s voyage in the space was one of the reasons for its upcoming.

After graduation from the University over 1000 students are annually trained in the internship, clinical studies who foray on to take the postgraduate courses in a total of 51 branches of medicine, including 37 medical, 7 biological, 5 chemical and 2 – in the fields of physics, mathematics, automation and computer systems.

The University students, postgraduates and interns, working for their academic degrees, are trained to get hands on specialization, improve their knowledge and skills, at 108 chairs, 58 scientific-research laboratories of RSMU. The University is equipped with a perfect library with more than 700 thousands volumes in Russian and foreign languages.

Some of the prominent scientists of Russia like Saveljev V.S., Lopatkin N.A., Nesterov A.P., Lisitsin U.P., Gusev E.l., , professor Tatarinov U.S., corresponding member of RAMS, professor Pantsyrev U.M., are working as the Medical Faculty of RSMU.

The glorious past of the University, deep pedagogical and scientific tradition accumulated over 100 years of its development with wide range of qualified specialists trained in the University assure a leading role and future in RSMU.

Students get medical assistance at a polyclinic staffed by doctors in all fields of medicine. After passing the state examinations, the graduates receive their Doctor of Medicine degree. RSMU effects the postgraduate education of foreigners in the internship, postgraduate studentship, and doctorate in all clinical specialties and provides probation opportunities (short-term probation included).

Although studies are important time is also devoted to sports and entertainment. There are many sports, social and cultural activities. Foreign students can engage in different sports such as tennis, volleyball, basketball, football, unarmed combat, judo, etc.

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