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Privolzhsky Research Medical University

Privolzhsky Research Medical University

Privolzhsky Research Medical University is one of the leading centers for training medical practitioners in Russia. The Academy is named after the city Nizhny Novgorod where it is located. To its credit and dedication, this Academy is ranked at number 7 of the 46 higher medical institutions in Russia and is highly acknowledged by World Health Organization and is approved by the governments of almost all the countries which send their students to this academy for gaining superior medical education and training.

Volgograd State Medical University

Volgograd state medical university

The Volgograd State Medical University is considered as a point of highest tribute and respect by its students, the university is known and acclaimed for its standards and reputation world over.

Kazan State Medical University

Kazan state medical university

Kazan State Medical University is a multi-functional and multileveled state institution of higher learning in medicine. It meets both personal and social needs in acquiring education in medicine, in developing bio-medical and clinical sciences, as well as broadening scientific knowledge of medical science.

Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry

Moscow state technical university aviation

MSUMD has gain a foot hold by being a leader in the field of under graduate and post graduate training in dental and general medicine in Russia.It is to the credit of this university that in about 80% of all doctors and serving in hospital and clinics have graduated from MSUMD.

I.M. Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy (MMA)

I.M. Sechenov moscow medical academy

The I.M. Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy (MMA) is considered the oldest and the biggest national medical higher educational institution. In the year 1758 it started its journey with just six students at the faculty of Imperial Moscow University. In 1930 the medical faculty got separated from Moscow State University to become the first Moscow Medical Institute. With the aim of creating a perfect elite educational foundation and inculcate deeper integrated research, the country’s most powerful medical institute was reorganized as the Medical Academy.

Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (PFUR)

People’s friendship university of russia

Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (PFUR) was established in 1960 and is one of the paramount of excellence and repute in Europe for Higher Education.

Russian State Medical University

Russian state medical university

Russian State Medical University (the earstwhile Second Moscow State Medical Institute) is one of the most prominent, respected and the oldest Russian medical schools in the country. The University was founded in the year 1906. Since its glorious inception RSMU has been a pioneer and an inventive leader in multi dimensionally disseminating medical science and medical education to its discerning and prospective aspirants

Rostov State Medical University

Rostov state medical university

It founded in the year 1915 as a Medical faculty of Donskoi University, in the year 1930 it graced on to become an independent medical institute, and today gains a status of a full fledged medical university.

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