Russian Medical College

Medical education in Russia

Medical Education in Russia

In the past decade Russia has spearheaded and spruced its vision on knowledge and education in all the spheres especially medical, engineering and aviation and made itself the hub of all educational activities, drawing aspirants from across the globe in its caring arm.
What distinctly separates Medical Education in Russia from the rest of the world is its far sighted vision to provide future education now.

Russia has carved a niche for itself with its stringent teaching practices which remain exceedingly super international, unmatched and unparallel; the methodology is advanced, sophisticated, ever inventing, and self innovating thereby leaving competition gasping for breath.
Incredibly Russia has more academic graduates than any other European country, its literacy rate is astoundingly 99.4%.

Medical colleges in Russia

The number of Academic institutions that mushroom in Russia commands numbers. On a larger scale, just speaking about Medical science, Russia has 48 plus medical colleges with a dedicated staff of 17,500 doctors of science imparting education.

8:1 ratio of student to teacher in any given classroom. With its global recognition and advanced technical know how they have topped the WHO and UNESCO global ranking. Out of the 100 top worlds ranking colleges Russians steals the show with as many as 30 colleges falling in their kitty.

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