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Dear Students,

Volgograd State Medical University is one of the worlds renowned and oldest Medical University founded in 1935. It is a significant community of students, faculty and staff dedicated to excellence in patient care.

Our medical University is an exciting place to be – the atmosphere is one of mutually respectable and collaboration fueled by the talents and energy of people who accept the challenge to lead in advancing health care delivery.

Currently ranked among the top ten medical Universities in the Russia, VSMU is the most selective in terms of student quality.

Our objective is to transform the landscape of medicine by training future leaders in clinical care, research, education and health care and dedicate oneself to excellence, integrity and service.

VolSMU faculties are pioneers in the Medical Field. They are leaders interested in implementing a new model of teaching and learning – one that is student-centric and futuristic. They are attuned to the differences in how students learn best and interested in working collaboratively to advance learning in research, clinical care, and education.

I assure you that your life in our campus will be richly rewarding, academically and otherwise.

We have an honorable past and an exciting future. In the coming year we will join together to create that future.

I extend my best wishes to you for a success career ahead.


Prof.Spasov A.A
MD , Ph.D
Affiliate member of The Russian Academy of Medical Sciences (RAMS).
Vice Chancellor,
Volgograd State Medical University.

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