Kazan state medical university is the best university to study MBBS in Russia. Visit GEC for MBBS admission in Russia, China, Europe, Georgia, Philippines, Ukraine and learn more about Kazan state medical university admissions, fees.Prof. Sozinov A.S.MD ,( Ph.D,Chancellor)
Kazan state medical university

Dear Students,

Kazan State Medical University is one of the best medical university in Russia. It is the main medical school in Tatarstan and provides doctors and nurses for the region with population of more than three millions of people. Our University has six faculties which have a strong emphasis on health and biomedical sciences but our strengths is combining fundamental science with teaching practical skills. Within our School you will encounter a great diversity of leading edge researchers working on a huge variety of topics.

Kazan Medical University is justifiably the International University. Nearly four hundred students from thirty countries all around the world are studying here and for half of them the learning language is English. Moreover, we have a large amount of students who came from neighbor and remote regions of the Russian Federation. We are proud that Kazan Medical School is attractive for young people from different parts of the world. Therefore our priority is to be supportive and careful to international students.

Education in Kazan Medical University is highly-rated — we are in the top ten in the list of medical universities in the Russian Federation. Students consider KSMU as a desirable place to study and acknowledge our high-grade teaching.

Choosing a university is one of the most important and challenging decisions of your life. I wish you every success in your study in our university and hope that it will be an exciting, challenging and diverse place to be!


Prof. Sozinov A.S.
MD , Ph.D
Kazan State Medical University

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