Russian Medical College

Dr.Suhas Mane with Prof. Ziganshin A.U. - Kazan State Medical UniversityProf. Ziganshin A.U.(MD, Ph.D,Vice Chancellor)
Kazan state medical university.

Dear Students,

I am delighted to welcome you to Kazan State Medical University.

I am honored to state that it’s one of the Russia’s most Prestigious and Reputed Medical University, well known since 1814 AD.

At Kazan State Medical University we are extremely proud of our international reputation for teaching and research. We are also extremely proud of the unique atmosphere on campus and we know it will make your time at Kazan State Medical University a special and highly memorable experience.

Our goal is to educate you as a person in totality and we recognize that some of the important lessons you will learn will take place outside the lecture theatre, the laboratory, and the library. We aim to give you the opportunity to spread your wings within a safe and exciting environment. At the end of your studies you will leave this University with not only a world-class qualification, but you will also leave with friends that you will cherish for a lifetime.

While you are here, we encourage you to strike a healthy balance between your academic activities and your enjoyment of the rich sporting and cultural opportunities that the University inherits.

I look ahead to be a part of Kazan State Medical University and I am certain that your time at the University will be enjoyable, inspiring and fruitful.


Prof. Ziganshin A.U.
MD, Ph.D, D.Sc
Head of the Department of Pharmacology,
Vice Chancellor,
Kazan State Medical University.

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