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MBBS in Russia - Dr. Suhas Mane from GEC is educational consultants in Russia under his guidance many students got MBBS admission in Russia at best MBBS colleges in Russia approved by mci including Privolzhsky Research Medical University Prof. Erlykina E.I. (MD, Ph.D Dean,)
Privolzhsky Research Medical University .

Dear Students,

Privolzhsky Research Medical University is focused on imparting the knowledge, skills and values required for you to establish a successful and satisfying career as a qualified Doctor.

We use a multi-pronged approach: integration of Foundations of Medicine courses with clinical applications, dedicated faculty who are focused on teaching and a technologically advanced campus in NNSMA Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.

We are concentrating on ways to integrate the clinical portion of our curriculum with the Medical courses. While it is already an important part of the learning experience at NNSMA, giving students as many opportunities as possible to see and understand the connections between the two is an excellent way to enhance learning.

Privolzhsky Research Medical University places a strong emphasis on enhancing the science of education by continuing to apply adult learning principles. We engage students to apply their knowledge in more ways, and we encourage the use of technology to help learning. Our faculty is focused not only on their knowledge of the science of education, but also on learning new methods of teaching and new ways to reach our students. This results in a more successful education and, it is my belief, leads to a better overall education for our students.

I like the fact that the students at Privolzhsky Research Medical University are from such diverse backgrounds. They bring a lot of different cultures and viewpoints, and that’s something that we’re going to see later on in our patients. It’s an invaluable experience that I’m certain I wouldn’t have gotten at any school.

Our campus facilities continue to be enhanced. We already have a huge campus and extensively used multimedia capabilities to support individual learning styles. We continue to expand our facilities by adding new classroom space, indoor and outdoor study facilities, Multi bedded Hospital, Research Centers, student life center that includes an expanded fitness center and much more.

I welcome you to Privolzhsky Research Medical University !


Prof.Erlykina E.I.
MD , Ph.D
Dean for Foreign Students,
Privolzhsky Research Medical University

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