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Rostov city

The city Rostov-on-Don is situated on the southern part of Europe and is also mystifyingly right aligned on the bank of River Don, some 48 km from the Sea of Azov. The climate here is continental, with moderately cold winters (mean January temperature is -7°C) and pleasantly hot summers (mean July temperature is +23°C). Rostov was founded in the year 1749 when the Temernitskaya Customs Post was set up to supervise the trade routes that were leading to the south of Russia. Consequently a fortress and port were also built to safeguard the vicinity which was named in honor of Metropolitan Dmitry Rostovsky.

This evolving city, today, is groomed with more than 150 mega industrial enterprises, the most famed among them is Rostselmash, producing umpteen varieties of farm machinery. The city is also famous for its tingling and sparkling wines, including Soviet Champagne and Tsimlyanskoye. It has nine higher educational establishments with a high rising and magnificent Rostov medical university, Engineering University, hundreds of libraries, research and design institutes etc.

  • THE FINE ARTS MUSEUM: displays a fine collection of art by Russian and Soviet artists. Enchanting among them is the famous contribution by 19th-century Russian artists Repin, Surikov, Vereshchagin and Perov.
  • THE MUSEUM OF LOCAL LORE: It profoundly exhibits the history of the area, its vicinity and its valor during the Civil and the Great Patriotic wars, both of which raged through the city. It also showcases some idols of the llth and 12th centuries which the nomads worshipped.
  • THE-MEMORIAL ENSEMBLE IN THE ZMIEVSKAYA RAVINE: It was unveiled in 1975 to commemorate the 30th anniversary of triumph over fascism. It has been erected on the place where the Nazi occupying forces carried out the mass firing on the prisoners-of-war and civilians.

All forms of transport i.e. air, rail, river and road makes you reach Rostov-on-Don: The distance from Moscow by air is 1,000 km, travel time is one and half hour. Airlines link the city with other enchanting tourist centers like St.Petersburg, Kiev, Minsk and Tbilisi etc. The rail distance from Moscow is 1,346 km, travel time being 20 hours approximately.

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