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Visit of Dr. Suhas Mane to Kazan State Medical University

Dr. Suhas Mane met Indian Students at the International Foreign Department and the International Students Scientific Association (ISSA) along with the staff in discussing the questions and recommendations of international students as well as the future plans and objectives

he meeting was opened by his briefing in which he urged international students, especially those sponsored by GEC, to continue in delivering good performances in their studies.

The meet was designed to provide information that would enhance the status and wellbeing of international students that was deemed to be crucial and necessary as it had covered different aspects such as safety, social needs, recreational pursuits, University experience and general Kazan experience. Among highlighted results was importance of improving practical skills of the students that was supported by recommendations to the University. Many questions were being discussed during the session and constructive explanations were also given by Dr. Suhas Mane, MD of Global Educational Consultancy.

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